How to write an article

The submitted articles has to be concerned with the History of Science and Technology or with Technology for Green Energy. Students can choose among different topics which deal with scientists’ biographies or with technology applied to astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, history of science, and so on. Articles could be about myths, superstitious clichés and pseudoscientific beliefs if well documented, also.


Once students choose the topic, they should:

  1. collect as much information as possible in books, web search engines, specialized books, scientific magazines, web sites, interviews, and so on;
  2. select facts and events which have been a turn point in a biography, in the scientific and technological discoveries;
  3. start the article with a short paragraph briefly introducing the character and the topic;
  4. introduce facts in a chronological order giving the reader a temporal outline with some dates or expression such as: “ten years later…” or “two months later…”;
  5. underline remarkable and not very well known events which may draw the readers’ attention;
  6. be original (plagiarism will be persecuted);
  7. write plainly and clearly;
  8. be as concise as possible.


In conclusion:

  • Try to match the reader’s expectations, that is young people like you, and don’t bore them with long and complex sentences;
  • Don’t use an exceedingly technical language;
  • Follow a logical structure and use a clear and simply style;
  • After you have written the core of the article, don’t forget to end it with your personal motivated opinion (conclusion);
  • Add a rich bibliography and a similarly detailed iconography;
  • Be careful to using scientific bibliographic notes, only: no way to use odd web addresses as encyclopaedias or sites like Wikipedia, Facebook or personal individual web sites.
  • Highlight the texts which can be useful for further researches and the web links.

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